How can I can get him to be a better lover?

Hello my name is Julie & I have been in a relationship for the last 3 years with my boyfriend but he is incapable of giving me an orgasm. He just likes to get on top of me and get it over with as quickly as possible & get off again. I love him but I do have desires that need to be fulfilled.

Can the office help me by suggesting ways I can get him to be a better lover?

Dear Julie this is a difficult one as you say you love him but just need to be satisfied. It would be a much easier decision if you found him repulsive. If this was the case we all agree you should place an order for a new vibrating friend & ditch him!

As you don’t, as always the girls in the office have a very different opinion to the men.

The girls believe you should first find out what turns you on. Spend some time alone when he is away and have an evening devoted to you. Firstly take the phone off the hook & make sure you have no distractions. Have a glass of wine watch a girlie flick and after a warm bath with some luxury bath oils lie down and pleasure yourself. Take your time and explore all the regions you like to be touched & truly find out what you need. Try writing down your desires & any fantasies you have.

You then need to sit down together to discuss what you are missing from your relationship & your desires. Find out what he wants & if he has any fantasies of his own. Be supportive throughout & be willing to try within reason his desires if he will fulfill yours.

It is important that the next time you have sex which could be right away. You need to make sure you take a good couple of hours to spend time just getting to know each other sexually. Take turns in massaging each other all over starting with the feet & working your way up each others bodies. At no point have sex till you are ready & be sure he knows this; this is you time for you.

We blokes have a bit of a different opinion. Some people in the pub wanted to make sure you were making an effort to look attractive to your man & that you had not let yourself go over the three years you have been together. Also if he works hard you might be asking a lot of him when he is too tired. You should be glad he is taking the time he already is to give you one. Assuming you have not and that you are a sexy little thing we believe this!

Firstly if you do as the girls think & pleasure yourself to explore what turns you on, we suggest you video the experience. This will be a nice film for your partner to have some fun with when you are out for the evening. As for them saying if he has fantasies we tell you now he will. Usually involving two or three of your best friends so be prepared.

In our experience a woman just needs to look interested to get plenty of sex. If all else fails the majority of the boys are happy to come over to satisfy your inner most desires the kinkier the better.


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