My Husband finishes almost as soon as he gets started!

I am a married woman who is longing to have an orgasm with my husband but he climaxes within minutes of getting on top of me. If he was bigger he might be more capable of satisfying me. Am I selfish for wanting more from him as he performs to the same standard he always did?

The boy’s opinion

Yes you are being a little selfish & you should look at it from his point of view. He has a busy life & needs to conserve his energy. If he is doing what he always did you accepted this when you married him. It is not size that’s important! Try to fake it so he can roll over & go to sleep contented so he can feel refreshed in the morning ready for his next hard day at the office.

The girl’s opinion

A woman has the right to feel loved & to have her man spend time on pleasing her. If your man is going to start the job he should finish it & not just for himself. As for size not being important that is just excuses aimed at making men feel better. If it’s what you do with it, he is failing you there as well.

You need to find the right way to tell him what you need & what he is not doing for you. A good roll play game that could help you do this is to tie him up. We have some good restraints in our “Fetish” range for this. Have him watch you play with yourself to climax so he can see exactly what your orgasms are like. Do not allow him to pleasure himself. Instead you do it for him as a treat for learning when you’re ready.

Try to get him to wear extra thick condoms occasionally that will reduce his sensitivity & make him last longer. Introduce a clitoral stimulator into your love making. This will speed up your orgasms if he can’t delay himself.

Ultimately a lifetime is a long one and you should be entitled to your pleasures. If he wont give you what you want you should invest some time in a “F*** Buddy”!


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