Venus adult sex show Berlin

You have heard it said before it’s an awful job but somebody has got to do it.  This is not one of those times although I am sure it’s wrong to have such a good time at work so let’s pretend it was a bad show.  We did not enjoy the strippers, live sex shows or the hundreds of beautiful silicon breasted women who were tempting us to there wears.  Nor was Buffy interested in the nearly naked men she was seen talking to & stroking like a poor lost dog.                                     

No that was just one area of the trade show that we tried not to spend too much of our time.  Although we did find ourselves back there several times over the 2 days we went.  This area was open to the public and once they paid the entrance fee of €50 it was free from then on.  

You can’t help yourself spending some time in that area but we were there to talk to manufactures & find the very latest products.  The main trade area was for trade only and was excellent.  For the very latest products, check out the toys section on the main site.


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