What is the best music to make love to?

My choice has always been the god of sex, the man who is and was the love god himself the great Barry White.  Unlike alternative artists with Barry he says so much more than most others.  The moment you put his music on its making a big bold statement.  Hay baby either get up & go or tonight were going to get it on!                          

I had many a first night date when I would either end up parked up or at home wanting to make a move as one had not been made for me.  Wondering if I should go for gold but unsure if I had read all the signs wrong.  The ace in the hole was anything by Barry White.  The moment he started to sing or often talk with “Hay Baby” you knew what you were going to get.  Without saying it yourself he would do the hard work for you.  She would either get up & go or melt in your arms.  

Once you get to this point lets face it the music is secondary.  The hard work was done.  That said what great love music it is.  Not only is it a great slow sound, you could also mime to the words as you striped which was a great ice breaker & always worth a laugh.  

The big thing to remember is to put plenty of music in the system.  You don’t want to get started just as it finishes.  Be like a scene from the film “10” when Dudley more finally gets it on with Bo Derek to the tune by Ravels Bolero.  A hit with many a couple back in 1979 when it became the No1 tune for love making.  

Other great tracks include Aerosmith: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Marvin Gaye: Lets Get it on, Extreme: More Than Words, Mr Big: To Be With You, or anything by Prince, R Kelly or Norah Jones.  But hay don’t take our word for it what do you think?


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