My Girlfriend is Shy in the Bedroom, How do I Introduce Toys?

Question: I love my girlfriend but she is very shy & old fashioned about sex.  She thinks sex should just be man on top & over quickly.  How can I change her ways & introduce toys into our relationship? 

Office Girls Opinion

You need to be sympathetic to your girlfriend’s views & concerns in this area.  There maybe all sorts of issues preventing her from feeling relaxed with her body & sexual issues.  You must take it easy & take very small steps to get her used to the idea of toys & different positions. 

I hope the reason she is worried about toys is not because you bought her a totally unreasonable toy to start with.  For example if you introduced a huge dildo or but plug to someone who had not used one before they would be worried. 

Start with something safe like flavored & scented lubricants & just pleasure her with your hands.  When she is more relaxed then try introducing a small bullet type vibrator for clitoral stimulation only.  Over time the more caring you are you will find your sex life improves for both of you.  Just remember to talk to her in a relaxed way & take it slowly.

Office Boys Opinion: What a load of tosh!  She has probably been brainwashed by an over sensitive mother who was bought up to believe sex was dirty.  Put up or shut up or get out more to the point we think.  Women like real men who know what they want & go for it.  Forget all this feminine side rubbish; all surveys suggest a woman wants a bit of rough. 

Tell her you’re going to have a great weekend of sex next week & ask if she wants to join you.  That should be plain simple & to the point.  The problem you have is that if you don’t move on together statistics prove she is going to rebound with a total asshole next time.  Better you be that asshole this time!


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