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Ask the office

Hi, here at love it in the buff we like to be a little bit different. We know there is an array of information out there by so called experts for you to call on for advice. All of them will give you a politically correct answer that they feel is based on sound and moral values. That is ok & that sort of advice has its place, but we want you to get a more down to earth what people are really thinking type of answer.

That is why we give you “Ask The Office”. We wont give you an answer from one person sitting alone at a desk with letters after there name that wants to tell you what they learnt an the university of integrity. No we will give you the views of our entire office & the people we have a drink with at the end of a long day. The views of men & women like you who have been to the University of Life & hard knocks. The people who have experienced office romance, affairs, sexual diseases & problems that only real experience will tell you.

So if you want the usual type of answer like you find in the lonely hearts columns of the daily newspaper then don’t ask for our advice.

Please drop us a line with any problems or concerns you may have to do with relationships, sex, or inhibitions in confidence & we will share it with the office. Once we stop laughing & sober up we will post our reply right here for everyone to see but we will change your identities to spare the innocent. We look forward to helping you.


The Office

Here are a few letters: