Are Glass Dildos & Vibrators Safe

Question: I really like the glass toys that you have available from Don Wands but my concern is are they safe from breaking inside me?

Answer: Thank you Sharon your concern is a common one.  Probably because of the way in which they are used.  The reason people end up in accident & emergency with vaccum hoses pertruding from orafices is because they use houshold objects that are not designed for sexual pleasure! 

These glass products are specially designed for vigourous sex play and are very safe & will last a lifetime if looked after properly.

  • Don Wands Glass Pleasure Wands are waterproof, hypoallergenic, nonporous, ultra smooth and are phthalates free.
  • Don Wands are made from medical grade borosilicate glass, which is more resistant to breaking than most traditional glass formulations.
  • Don Wands Glass Pleasure Wands can be warmed or cooled to your own preferred comfort zone and they maintain temperature for an extended period of time.
  • For safety reasons, we suggest that you clean and inspect your glass pleasure wands before and after each use.
  • What is the best music to make love to?

    My choice has always been the god of sex, the man who is and was the love god himself the great Barry White.  Unlike alternative artists with Barry he says so much more than most others.  The moment you put his music on its making a big bold statement.  Hay baby either get up & go or tonight were going to get it on!                          

    I had many a first night date when I would either end up parked up or at home wanting to make a move as one had not been made for me.  Wondering if I should go for gold but unsure if I had read all the signs wrong.  The ace in the hole was anything by Barry White.  The moment he started to sing or often talk with “Hay Baby” you knew what you were going to get.  Without saying it yourself he would do the hard work for you.  She would either get up & go or melt in your arms.  

    Once you get to this point lets face it the music is secondary.  The hard work was done.  That said what great love music it is.  Not only is it a great slow sound, you could also mime to the words as you striped which was a great ice breaker & always worth a laugh.  

    The big thing to remember is to put plenty of music in the system.  You don’t want to get started just as it finishes.  Be like a scene from the film “10” when Dudley more finally gets it on with Bo Derek to the tune by Ravels Bolero.  A hit with many a couple back in 1979 when it became the No1 tune for love making.  

    Other great tracks include Aerosmith: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Marvin Gaye: Lets Get it on, Extreme: More Than Words, Mr Big: To Be With You, or anything by Prince, R Kelly or Norah Jones.  But hay don’t take our word for it what do you think?

    Venus adult sex show Berlin

    You have heard it said before it’s an awful job but somebody has got to do it.  This is not one of those times although I am sure it’s wrong to have such a good time at work so let’s pretend it was a bad show.  We did not enjoy the strippers, live sex shows or the hundreds of beautiful silicon breasted women who were tempting us to there wears.  Nor was Buffy interested in the nearly naked men she was seen talking to & stroking like a poor lost dog.                                     

    No that was just one area of the trade show that we tried not to spend too much of our time.  Although we did find ourselves back there several times over the 2 days we went.  This area was open to the public and once they paid the entrance fee of €50 it was free from then on.  

    You can’t help yourself spending some time in that area but we were there to talk to manufactures & find the very latest products.  The main trade area was for trade only and was excellent.  For the very latest products, check out the toys section on the main site.

    Launch of a great new website “Love it in the Buff”

    When we first embarked on this mammoth project we wanted to incorporate lots of different things.  What we expected was a short 3 month assignment from start to finish but to get it right it became a 6 month journey to bring everything we wanted together.  We looked at what others were offering & took the best bits & incorporated some good interactive features.  

    We bring you of course the blog, which is like most blogs, a chance to list & answer questions & comments about important issues.  General questions & enquires relating to products or items in the news etc.  On top of this we also bring you “Ask the office” which is a cross between a blog & an agony page.  This one has a slight twist on the usual ones you will read as we don’t care about political correctness.  We take your questions go to the pub with them and discuss them with a few beers & report back to you exactly what we all think.  Check it out you will find it amusing, well if you don’t who cares! 

    We also bring you by popular demand “You in the Buff”.  In this section we have answered many of your demands to list your own pictures.  Yes we will hold back identities when asked.  

    As well as giving 10% off our already low prices we will be bringing you a tiered membership later next year.  Keep checking back for this update. 

    Generally we wanted to bring you an easy to use online resource that was not cluttered up from the first page onwards.  Easy to use with just a few clicks from start to finish.  Try it out & see how quickly you get to exactly what you want.  

    Most of all we want to help people have fun & enjoy the whole experience of love.  We are happy to help anytime to answer questions in a non judgemental way.  To be able to provide a great service so you can get on with your partner or yourself to a great sex life.

    Our Website is now Live

    We are happy to relaunch our new website. If you have any feedback for us then please feel free to send us an email to New areas include ask the office, membership application, newsletter subscription and of course blog.