You in the buff

Lisa 2

Another great picture Lisa thank you for not letting us down & keep sending them in!



Irish Babe

SexyWife 076 - CopySexyWife-102

 A very sexy wife this one!  Thank you to our friends at for these great little pictures!  The first of many we hope & prey!


Fantastic pose & displaying the stockings from your last order.  They look great on you and would look good on my bedroom floor!



A Real Tiger

You paint a pretty picture.


  YITB painted



Well probably the best so far a real stunner Lisa.  Please dont let this be the last picture you send us.

On The Bed

Girls your looking great but what happened next?


On the bedJPG



A nice tasteful picture taken in public.  A great start!

A Fine Pair!

We dont mind if you dont want us to advertise your name we are just happy to see your pictures.  Keep them cuming!a fine pair1